There are sections of the west that are still wild.  Where experiences have etched themselves on the faces of the folks who've settled there, and the freedom they've found has crystalized on their hearts.  For these are the last real cowboys, moving their herds, and protecting their livestock.  I was invited to come along during a spring run a few years ago, and for a fish out of water so to say, I found it's temperature quite invigorating.  These cowboys aren't the lone rangers drawn up in the comic books of city-dwelling fabricators, no this is a family.  Their lives are community and they share it generously.  

You might note that you'll find my sons make an appearance or two within the series, as even I upon assignment was encouraged to bring my own family along.  This series is one I hope to continue adding to over the next several summers.  I huge thank you to the Paulson and Thayer families for opening up my eyes to your lives, and opening up your hearts to my family.