Spring brings with it, April showers and May's flowers, but it also signals for many in the Pacific Northwest, the return to open water and the start of the Regatta.  I could spend entire afternoons watching the white sails tacking through the water, racing about in clusters in perspective silence.  I fell in love with the rhythms and patterns that spontaneously formed if only for a moment or two.  It wasn't until this last summer when I was able to spend a day aboard a skiff zig-zagging in between the sloops and cutters where I was afforded the opportunity to photograph the spectacle.  It's a time of bonding as well, as it would happen my father sought his retirement on the ocean, where in a small port town in Northwest Washington state, he builds and shapes wooden ships. 

This is an on-going series I plan on adding to with each passing year, as long as the waves still beckon me.